Dreame F9 Vacuum Cleaner Robot

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Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2500Pa Suction Planned Cleaning Automatically Charge Mop Dust Collector Smart Aspirator

  • Product Name  Dreame F9 Robot Vacuum
    Size 350 x 350 x 80mm
    Rated Power 40W
    Battery Capacity 5200mAh
    Net Weight 1.5KG
    Motor Japanese NIDEC High-Speed Motor
    RunTime 150min
    Suction Power 2500Pa
    Dustbin Cup Capacity 600ml

All-New Dreame F9 Robot Cleaner

Smart Route Planning  /  Advanced Mapping  /  Better Vacuuming and Mopping   /   Eliminates Dust debris 鏃犻浼氳瘽0470鍓湰
Powerfully Intelligent Spotlessly Clean


15 Superior Advantages V-SLAM ROBOT VACUUM-MOP 2.0



Dreames Pioneer 2.0 optical visual navigation system leverages leading Ov visual sensors to rapidly capture and process complex spatial features. This helps the robot locate position itself automatically so as to achieve faster and more accurate mapping, while also protecting user pri-vacy.


Why Choose Pioneer 2.0 Optical Visual Navigation

1.Map memory
2.Upgraded learning and exploration
3.Automatic roon recognition
   Different/selected area cleaning
4.Set virtual boundaries through software
   Smart,dynamic path planning


Unique Light-stream Assisted Localization Technology Real-time Coordinate calibration stable operation

A light stream sensor works with the navigation system to accurately calibrate coordinates in real-time and correct the route in dim environment


Powerful Computing Smart Dynamic Mapping, Calculates Route 50 times/second*

An advanced algorithm helps the robot to process informa tion real-time and intelligently plan its route. It can ensure ful coverage of a given area and zero overlap with areas al- ready cleaned even under complicated scenarios.


5 New Advanced Mapping Functions

Effcient Route Planning, Customize the Way You clean


A smart robot and a truly powerful vacuum cleaner

Equips a powerful Japanese Nidec brushless motor with super strong 2500Pa suction that gets rid of allergens and dirt on the floor, carpets and other areas


Eliminate dust at the micron-level Takes care of all types of dirt and grime

0.1mm flexible microfiber roller brush* High-speed 190Rpm side brush* Two-layer dustbin and fltration system Large 600mL dustbin


200mL smart electric water tank* One refill for wet mopping the whole house

Equips smart electric water tank with precision anti-leakage control so you can mop and protect your floors, Mop for up to 90 minutes with just a single refill


Three levels of water flow For different cleaning scenarios

3 gears of water volume optional on App, so as to guarantee better mopping effect.


Microfiber anti-bacterial flexible mop Kills 99.9% of bacteria (to be tested )

The flexible mop adopts super dense microfiber technolo- gy, which runs flush over surfaces and releases water evenly, easily erasing stubborn stains on the floor. Author-itative testing currently indicates that it can kill 99. 9%o of bacteria, providing the best care for your family.


High Capacity 5200mAh Lithium Battery 150 min operation time cleans large houses easily*


Automatically charges when battery is low, before continuing where it left off Capable of operating even when unattended

An "Off-Road" Machine
Equipped with 14 sets of sensors
- Route planning when cleaning the carpet
- 8 sets of infrared sensors to detect obstacles
- Sensors to avoid sudden drops
Remotely Manage Cleaning on APP
You're Just One Tap Away from a Spotless Life
Map display Map * Cleaning time scheduling * management * Adjust suction * Battery Status * Consumables status * Cleaning time * Water flow adjustment
Thinking of every detail,to improve the user experience
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS       350 x 350 x 80mm
RATED VOLTAGE                 14.4V
PRODUCT COLOR                WHITE
RATED POWER                    40W
BATTERY                            14.4V---5200mAh
WI-FI CONNECTION             WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n2.4 GHz
                                         GB 4706.7
                                         GB 4343.1
                                         GB 17625.1
                                         THIS DEVICE CONTAINS A RADIO TRANSMITTER MODULE WITH                                                   CMIIT ID 2019DP5985
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS       130 x 126 x 93mm
RATED INPUT                     100 - 240V ~ 50/60hZ 0.5A
RATED OUTPUT                  19.8V ---- 1A
In the Box
1x F9
1x Charging Base
1x Cleaning Tool
1x Power Line
1x Water Tank
1x Mop
1x Side Brush

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