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Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3000Pa Strong Suction Sweeping Mopping Planned Cleaning Rechargeable Mop Dust Collector Aspirator

Product Name  DreameTech Robot Vacuum D9
Size 350 x 350 x 96.8 mm
Rated Power 40W
Battery Capacity 5200mAh
Net Weight 3800g
Motor Japanese Nidec brushless motor
Run-time 150 minutes
Suction Power 3,000Pa
Maximum Dustbin Capacity 570ml

About this item

  • Lidar Navigation: The advanced Lidar navigation enables better accuracy, faster mapping, stronger performance in bypassing obstacles, and more efficient route planning. With SLAM navigation, the D9 learns the layout of your home and builds personal smart maps, enabling it to clean and navigate in neat, efficient rows.
  • Powerful Performance: 3000Pa of intense suction picks up dirt and messes easily from the surface and deep within carpet. The strong suction power of D9 robot vacuum can effectively remove hair, dust, and other particles.
  • Multiple Ways to Clean: The vacuum robot has multiples cleaning methods: clean by rooms or cover the whole house, no-go zones to avoid certain area such as a child’s playing area, and cleaning twice for a better result.
  • Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1: The robot vacuum chooses from sweeping or mopping. The 5200mAh high capacity battery reaches up to 150 minutes of run-time, which is enough to clean up to 2153ft² at low power in one charge.
  • Smart App Control: App remote control allows you to adjust suction power, water distribution, and check the battery level. Once connected to Alexa, the robot responds to your voice orders immediately. With OTA upgrading, the 3-floor Map Memory function has published. Note: We offer a 1-year warranty for Dreametech D9.

Dreame Robot Vacuum D9
Launched with Pride
3,000Pa ultra-strong suction power *
sweep and mop 2 in 1 / LDS laser navigation / SLAM smart planning

12 Innovative Improvements realize the best cleaning experience
3,000Pa Strong Suction Power Excellent vacuum for deep cleaning
Multiple Advanced Mapping Functions Address different cleaning needs
lnstant Dynamic Mapping LDS laser radar navigation
Efficient Path Planning SLAM intelligent algorithm
Anti-Bacteria Mop Cloth that eliminates 99.9% of Bacteria * Remove odor and prevent bacteria
2 Cleaning Modes Sweeping or sweeping-mopping

Add Pressure on Carpets Cleaner results from stronger suction
Cross Obstacles Handle up to 20mm height barriers *
150min Ultra-long Runtime * Clean up to 250m2 at a time
270ml Intelligent Water Tank Wet-mopping for deep cleaning
Noise Reduction Designs Reduce running noise
13 Smart Sensors * Adapt to complicated environment

A True Beast in Robot Vacuum Powered by 4 Core Technologies
Ultra-long Runtime and Sustainable Engine BMS smart battery managing system
Anti-Bacteria Wet Mopping for Deeper Cleaning Powerful anti-bacteria technology that eliminates 99.9% bacteria
Fast Mapping and Dynamic Planning Pioneering 3.0 smart mapping and navigation technology
Strong Suction that Leave Crevices Clean 3000Pa strong suction and cleaning system

An Aerospace Standard Product that endures Various Challenges

A Breakthrough in Navigation Technology The New 3.0 LDS Laser System
Powered by the enhanced SLAM smart algorithm, the 3.0 LDS realizes more accurate navigation,
faster mapping and more efficient route planning.
Sensibility Scanning 2080 points per second *
Accuracy Error distance ≤ 10mm *

Route Planning & New SLAM Algorithm
The strong computing power of the new SLAM algorithm locate the robot acuurately, map and clean the room efficiently.

Flexible Ways of Cleaning
Supported by the advanced mapping function
Far more than area partition
Advanced memory and partition functions
Manual editing allows more precision in partition
Easily name areas with manual operation
Convenient to schedule and select rooms to clean

6 Cleaning Modes
Clean by rooms and cover the whole house
Specify certain rooms to clean
Define virtual walls to avoid certain area
Set restricted area not allowed to go through
Draw certain area to clean
Swipe twice for deeper cleaning

Smartly Continue the Previous Work
The Robot remembers where it's cleaned previously and starts to clean from the ending area after charging.
This leaves you free even you are not home.

Constantly upgrading OTA
Make the robot vacuum understand your needs more by getting the latest functions with OTA up-grading on the mobile APP.

Sweep and Mop 2 in 1
Satisfy Different Cleaning Needs

3000PA Suction Power
Clean all small and large particles
570mL Large volume dustcup *
4 modes Suction Power
0.1mm extra thin main brush *

Japanese Nidec brushless motor
Stronger engine andlonger runtime

0.3 microns refined filter *
Filters 99.7% of microscopic particles and leaves air clean

Fluid mechanics wind tunnel
Vacuums with effectiveness and smoothness

5200mAh High Capacity Battery + Smart Managing System
cleans up to 250m² at one time
Working together with BMS smart battery managing system,
the 5200mAh high capacity battery is able to discharge more efficiently with less power waste.
It reaches up to 150 minutes. tookfun.
of runtime which is enough to accomplish different cleaning tasks with one full charge.

Auto Pressure Boosting on Carpets
Recognizes carpets automatically and boosts pressure to achieve more complete cleaning result.

Effective anti-bacteria wet mopping that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
270mL large capacity water tank
200m² wet mopping acreaae
3 levels water distribution chosen on App

Anti-collision, anti-fall, full perception of the environment
13 high-precision sensors allow the robot adapt to different complicated environments and help to buffer collisions, avoid falls and clean corners more effectively.

Quiet cleaning with professional noise reduction designs
In order to reduce noise and bring you quieter cleaning experience,
our engineers haveoptimized the motor, wind tunnel, designs and materials.

Home cleaning solution when you are not home
APP remote control allows you to schedule cleans when you are not home.
More cleaning modes suits different needs.

Control the cleaning work by voice order
Once connected to Alexa, the robot can response to your voice orders immediately.

Find out more considerate details
Detect and cross obstacles up to 20mm Cross doorsills, rails, carpets with ease...
Removable and replaceable main brush
HEPA Washable and easy to replace

Packing List
Main body x 1
Charging dock x 1
Cleaning tool x 1
Power cable x 1
Water tank x 1
Mop cloth x 1
Side brush x 1
Manual x 1

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