Newsmy N7576 Portable Power Station 700W 576Wh

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Newsmy N7576 Portable Power Station 700W 576Wh Pure Sine Wave 180000mAh Battery Backup Supply 230V External Solar Generator

Brand Name


Model Number




Replacement Battery


Display screen

Battery Capacity


AC Output Voltage


AC Output

700W(Peak 1400W) Pure Sine Wave

DC / Cigarette Lighter Output

12V10A (120W Max)

PD Output

5V3A , 9V2A ,12V1.5A (PD18W)

Smart Led Display

 display output voltage, current

Charging Time(PD 100W)

6-7 hours

Set Type

Charger Sets

Nominal Capacity






Battery Power



Lithium iron phosphate battery

DC Input

24V4A (support for 12V~30V)

PD Input/Output

5V3A, 9V3A , 12V3A , 15V3A,20V5A (PD100W)

USB Output

5V3A ,9V2A ,12V1.5A (QC3.0)

Charging Time(DC 24V4A)


Charging Time(DC 24V7.5A + PD 100W)

3-4 hours

Power Station Weight


Package Weight







Newsmy N7576 Portable Power Station

【 Emergency power supply with large capacity】This portable power supply has a large capacity of 576WH/180000mAh, making it safe for the whole family to use outdoors or in an emergency. There are 3 AC outlets for small appliances, 2 QC3.0 ports for quick charging, 2 PD quick charging ports for laptops and tablets, 2 DC output ports, and 1 cigar socket. Up to 10 devices can be charged at the same time, and the output power of each port does not drop even when simultaneously charging & powering multiple devices. Use in case of disasters, earthquakes, home emergency situations, etc.


【 Pure Sine Wave & Peak Value 1400W Portable Power Supply】(1) Pure sine wave is used, a technology that enables stable and ideal power supply. Inverters can be regarded as city power and therefore operate faster, quieter and more stably, applying to precision instruments & medical equipment. (2) Smart system protects equipment from the effects of over-current, over-voltage, and overheating, extending battery life.

【 PD100W input/output charging】With continuous improvement in technology development, the Type-C port can be charged rapidly with a PD charger (sold separately). It is input/output up to 100W. It is possible to use either a solar panel/vehicle outlet/DC adapter and the Type-C port at the same time for rapid charging of the main unit. Compared to other portable power supplies, the charging speed is faster, so don't wait any longer. The device can be fully charged in as little as 5 to 6 hours.

【 Smart LED display 】When the switch is turned on, the fan will be displayed on the screen, and when the fan is running, it will stop running for about 3 seconds. When each port is used, the corresponding switch must be turned on. The corresponding output voltage is also displayed on the screen. The remaining charge/supply available, input voltage/output voltage can be viewed, and various other information can be checked.

【Highly safe lithium iron phosphate batteries】The portable power supply uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are capable of 2000 charge/discharge cycles and have a 4 to 6 times longer lifespan, allowing for approximately 10 years of use. Compared to ordinary lithium-ion batteries, this battery is ➀Safer, with no risk of abnormal overheating or ignition. (2) High charge/discharge efficiency, fast charge/high current discharge. (3) No memory effect, no self-discharge. No memory effect, no self-discharge.

【Brightness adjustable】 LED light has 5 modes (always on - flashing - SOS - red and yellow double flashing - off), brightness can be adjusted with a button, more convenient to use and protect. It can be used in various situations such as disaster prevention, camping, mountain climbing, night fishing, power outage, outdoors, and home. The solar power generator has a cooling fan to regulate the temperature inside the portable battery. The body is made of popular aluminum material and is designed with a special attention to detail that you will love every time you use it.

【Auto shutdown function & cancel auto shutdown function】 It shuts down automatically in 3 minutes in power on state (not turned on any output) and is auto shutdown in 24h if any output is turned on. With power on, press and hold the AC and USB buttons 5 seconds longer, the AC icon on the display will flash 3 times, meaning the 24h auto shutdown feature is off. Reboot to restore 24h automatic shutdown.


【Package not included solar panel】You can buy 120W/210W solar panel from our store.

Product Details

Package Contents

1x Power station N7576,
1x Home Adapter,
1x Car Adapter,
1x Multi-language Manual.

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