YHEMI MC802 USB-Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Extended Gigabit network port

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"Type-c Gigabit LAN card

Driver-free/Plug and play"

"Extended Gigabit network port

No Internet connection, no lag

Laptop enjoys Gigabit network, faster web browsing / file downloading, more efficient office

Gigabit download theoretical rate: 125MB/S"

"Network port extension

More stable wired connection

USB-C Gigabit Network Card

Gigabit NIC Win8/10/11 Universal Switch Support

Stable and uninterrupted network;Smart drive-free;Tablet Campus Network"

"Compatible with more Type-C devices

Support with Type-C interface computer, cell phone, switch and other devices,

Computer: Huawei, Apple, Glory, Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc.

For cell phones: Huawei, Samsung, nuts, OPPO, etc."

"Type-C phone to network cable

Connect to wired network, stable network, no fluctuations, easy to score"


"Work indicator

At a glance

LED lights are added to the network port to keep track of the working status

When working

Green light is always on, yellow light is flashing"

"Compact and portable, worry-free travel

Small, delicate, take it with you"

"Examples of some supported models

Cell phone.

Huawei: P40/P40Pro Mate30 Mate30Pro Mate20Mate20ProMate20X P20/P20Pro Glory Note10

Samsung: Note10Note9Note8 S9/S9+S8/S8+

Nut: R1/Pro2S

OPPO: R17Pro


Apple: Mac Book 12-inch Mac Book 13/16-inch Mac Book Pro2016/2017/2018/2019

Mac Book Air2018/2019/2020

Huawei: Mate BookMate Book X Mate Book XPro Mate Book E Mate Book 13 Mate Book pro(2019/2020)

Honor: Magic Book

Xiaomi: Air12.5/13-inch Pro15.6-inch Xiaomi gaming notebook

ASUS: Aura 3, Aura 3Pro, Aura X series, U4100, ROG series Saver Y7000/Y7000P/Y9000K/YOGA6 Pro ThikpadX1 Carbon/Yoga

HP: Shadow Genie 4Pro, EliteBook 1050 G1, EliteBook Folio G1

Dell: G3/G4/G7 series, Spiritual Transition 5000/7000, PXS13, XPS15

PS: Support devices are continuously updated"


Brand: YHEMI

Name: USB-C Gigabit Network Card

Model: MC802

Interface type: RJ45

Warranty: 2 years

Function:Gigabit network card, adaptive 10M/100M/1000M, support network remote wake-up function"


Q1 Plugged into the computer can not access the Internet?

A: This product supports Win8/Win10/Win11/Mac OS system driver-free use, other systems need to install the driver, you can check the product manual, go to the brand's official website to download the corresponding driver to install

Q2 How to use the campus network?

Campus network users can contact the school network administrator to assist in the operation, because the network card driver conflicts with the campus network client, please uninstall the campus network client (such as Ruijie, Flash) before use, then install our network card driver, and then reinstall the campus network client, after installation, enter the account number, password, network card options, select our network card, you can successfully access the Internet."

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