YHEMI MU704 USB Gigabit NIC 4-in-1 USB-A HUB USB3.0*3RJ451000M

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"External network card

High Speed Transmission

USB3.0 Gigabit NIC Docking Station

USB3.0 transmission Gigabit LAN port Plug and Play Compact and portable"

"Gigabit wired network entertainment office

Computer connected to wired network, stable network without dropping lines, no pitfall teammates"

"New upgraded chip

Stable Network

High-performance chip provides stable gigabit network transmission, no latency, faster, more stable, lower network latency"

"Four-port simultaneous drive

Office power

Solve the problem of too few interfaces, external network cable, mouse, keyboard, U disk and other devices"

"High-speed expansion

1G file transfer in 3 seconds

Support 3.0 high-speed transmission, large files easily transfer

Theoretical speed up to 5Gbps Double the efficiency"

"Support campus network Enjoy campus time Support campus network connection Game/TV series more smoothly

Note: Campus network needs to be set up"

"TV box connected to the network cable

Support all brands of TV boxes: Xiaomi / Huawei / Glory / Skyworth box, etc.

Fast loading, smooth and unhindered viewing"

"Frosted fine lines

Skin-friendly touch

Fine selection of ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, anti-fingerprint, no scratches"

"No latency, more sensitive operation

Easy to connect to keyboards and other devices, no latency Office and entertainment Efficient and more worry-free Copy faster"

"More durable No breakage

Thicker case made of tough OVC material

Repeated plugging and unplugging, long-lasting use

Upgraded connector reinforcement

4.5mm thicker wire"


Plug and Play

Support Windows, Mac OS, Linux systems"


Multi-System Compatible

Win11/Win10/Win8/Mac OS drive-free multi-system compatible

Keyboard, mouse, USB flash drive, card reader, portable hard drive, printer, U-Disk, USB fan, USB cooler, USB desk lamp and other devices"


Model: YHEMI USB Gigabit NIC/HUB

Product Length: about 27.8CM

Color: White

Material: ABS

Input connector: USB-A

Output connector: USB3.0*3RJ451000M"


Q1 plugged into the computer can not access the Internet?

A: This product supports Win8/Win10/Win11/Mac OS system. Driver-free use, other systems need to install drivers, check the product manual.

Q2 How to use the campus network?

Campus network users can contact the school network administrator to assist the operation, because the network card driver and campus network client conflict, please uninstall the campus network client (such as Ruijie, Flash) before use, and then install our network card driver, and then reinstall the campus network client, after installation, enter the account number, password; network card options, select our network card, you can successfully access the Internet."

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