Spetime S5 PRO Scooter Black



Spetime S5 PRO Scooter Black

WEIGHT & SIZE Package Size(cm) 120 x 39 x 50
Folding Size(cm) 117 x 62 x 55
Unfolding Size(cm) 117 x 62 x 94
Product Weight 25 kg
MOTOR Motor Rate Voltage 48V
Motor Rate Power 600W
Motor Rate Current 10±0.5A/5.5Nm
Motor Non-Load Current 1.1A
Motor Non-Load PR(1min) 780±20
Battery Capacity 11Ah
Battery Rate Voltage 48V
Battery Input Rate Voltage 54.6V
Battery Charging Time 6-8 hours
Battery Packs 48V 11Ah Lithium-ion, Internal Battery Management System
CHARGER Charger Rate Input Voltage 100-240V
Charger Rate Output Voltage 54.4V-55.2V
Times the battery can be charged 600
Charger Rate Current 1.8A-2.2A
BASIN INFORMATION Name  Spetime S5 PRO Folding Electric Scooter with Seat
Model S5 PRO
Color Black
Frame Material Aluminum + Iron
Waterproof Level IP64
Brake Mechanical Disc Brake
Front wheel 12 inch inflatable wheel (widthen)
Rear wheel 12 inch inflatable wheel (widthen)
Motor Engine 600W
Speed Threshold 20/30/40 km/h
Max Speed 40-45 km/h
Max. Autonomy 35-40Km(Depends on Road and Driver Weight)
Max Load 150kg
Applicable rider height 200cm
Riding Modes Foot Mode, Pure Electric Mode, Turbo
Scooter Type Electric Scooter,Electric Bike
LED Display Meter Button and Function
Headlamp Front LED Light, Rear Brake Light
Headlight 48V, 0.025A LED headlight
Taillight 48V, 0.012A LED taillight
Climbing Ability 12°(Depends on Your Weight)
Features Dual brake system, long-lasting battery life, high-performance motor, fast folding, LED headlights, lithium battery pack, LCD display.
Package content 1 x Electric Scooter
1 x Charger
1 x Tool bag
1 x Manual
Selling Points 1,With mobile phone holder
2,Easy foldable and portable
3,Adjustable seat & handle
3,Storage basket
4,11Ah capacity battery
5,3 speed running modes
6,Luminescent LED Headlight
5,600W motor, max speed up to 45km/h
6,Front and rear disk breaks
7,150kg Load Capacity
Description 1,【Powerful Configuration 】: 48V 11AH 600W high performance motor could this adult electric scooter support a maximum long range of 35-40km, 3 speed modes, max speed 45km/h, 12 degree climbing ability.
2,【Dual Brake System】: A front&rear disc brakes and EABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for an efficient, responsive braking distance of just 4 meters, provide extra protection. Both left and right can control the brake, With red taillights at the rear, it is safer when braking.
3,【Portable Folding】: Constructed from lightweight aluminium alloy while being light weight at only 25kg, the handlebars can be folded for easy carrying and packed into the boot of a car, or taken on a train or bus in order to assist you on longer journeys across country or urban landscapes.
4,【High Security】: Bright headlights+taillight ensure you ride safely in low light conditions,even a night riding.Front electronic brake + rear disc brake brake is fast and effective.Double dual hydraulic shock absorption & 12'' pneumatic tires offer great cushioning and anti-slip function.Key unlock, more secure.
5, 【Sturdy & Stable】: Double aluminum frame can improve the stability and will not shake with 12 inches puncture proof tires for driving on the uneven groundwhen you use it. The height-adjustable suspension column base can support up to 150 kg.
6,【Soft Seat and Storage Basket】: Cortical Seat and rear basket with good quality, get a more comfortable commute when sitting on for long range.The height of the seat is adjustable and detachable.With the a storage basket behind the seat, which can hold your belongings and bring convenience to your travel.
Features 1,It is equipped with a seat that allows its owners to make a quick trip in any chosen direction, which develops at a high speed.
2,The maximum load capacity of it is 150 kg. As for the construction, the front side is slightly changed, the more precise connection of the platform and the front frame.
3,It also features 12-inch tires with larger grabs for better offroad performance. 
4,The electric scooter accelerates quickly and maintains excellent speed. The dual suspension and adjustable rear shock allow the S5 Pro to be used for cross-country riding. 
5,It has a double-disc brake system on the front and rear wheel to give us more confidence when driving it.Front and Rear disk breaks give you all the stopping power you need. With one key you can decide which speed mode of the three existing ones is better for the journey ahead
6,It has a top speed of 45km/h and can climb slopes of up to 12 °. The 600W brushless electric motor provides the scooter with the power necessary to move any type of user at high speed up to a maximum of 150 kg.
7,The max running distance you can travel with an 11Ah battery capacity is 40km and the battery takes about 6-8 hours to fully charge.
8,It has a stable and powerful 600W motor and makes it suitable to go anyplace a person wants to. This motor also powers its headlight and taillight.
9,The body of this bike has a waterproof design which makes it the perfect fit as a useful electric bike to go someplace urgent even in rainy conditions.
10,This electric bike also comes with front, and rear disc brakes that are more sensitive than you would imagine, and the grip quality with the pneumatic tires is pretty good too.
11,The saddle of this bike is extended to its backrest, giving a comfortable seating posture for the user, and is the inside of this seat has a four-sided frosted cushion that adds comfort and more soft touch to it when it doesn’t tire the rider easily.
Introduction  This Spetime S5 Pro electric scooter/bike is a electric scooter and a electric bicycle which one you prefer as you can remove the seat, great explosion-proof vacuum tires, wider and thicker not afraid of nail puncture. It uses 600W motor, stable performance, strong power, waterproof design, fearless in the rain.

In terms of braking performance, the front and rear wheel disc brake system, braking more sensitive and safer.Spetime S5 Pro is also installed with dual shock absorption system, riding more comfortable, easy to face all kinds of road. It is also installed with a basket at the back, which has a strong weighing capacity.

The extended rear saddle with its own backrest can be leaned on with confidence and is more comfortable to sit on and not easily deformed which makes it comfortable whilst riding over humps and bumps. 

The acquisition of such a device, with a 600W motor, 48amp Lithium battery, 40-45KPH top speed and a range of 35-40KM on a full charge, 3 speed modes, 12 degree climbing ability, is an excellent solution for urban residents, who often face traffic jams.

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