KugooKirin S4 Electric Scooter | 360WH Power | 35KM/H Max Speed



The best affordable entry-level electric scooter- Kugoo Kirin S4 is built to deliver an excellent riding experience. Its motor offers superior performance for urban commuting and combined with the pneumatic tires the ride is guaranteed to be smooth and easy to control. 
 36V 10Ah Battery
 350W Powerful motor
 40 km per charge
 35 kph Max. Speed
10'' Pneumatic wheels

Top speed 35km/h
Top Speed in each mode 15km/h
Range 40km
Battery 36V 10Ah
Motor Rated Power 350W
Hill Climbing 15°
Brake System EABS & Disc Brake System
Tires 10''
Size Unfold  119*53*109cm
Fold 43*53*109cm
Pedal Width 15.3cm
Chassis Height 12cm
Weight 13.5kg
Max load 100kg
Charging Time 6-8h
IP Rating IP45

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