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Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner Cordless vacuum cleaner with dust bag Carpet brush EU version

Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner with MagBase

  • Outstanding suction power of 160AW at max.74dB.
  • The magnetic surface of the MagBase holds all accessories in place, making them easy to stow away and taking up less space.
  • Automatic detection of carpets & automatic increase in suction power when using the carpet brush (carpet boost).
  • In addition to bagless use, it can also be used with a dust bag - as you like it. Ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • OLED display to show suction mode (Eco, Standard, Max), remaining battery life, etc.
  • Long battery life of up to 90 minutes in Eco mode and fast full charging in just 2.5 hours.
  • Washable and reusable 5-stage HEPA air filter cleaning system filters 99.99% of all particles and allergens up to a size of 0.3 μm.

Brand: Roborock
Model: H7
Type: Vacuum Cleaner
Product Model: H7M1A
Product ID: H7M1A01-01
Color: Space Silver
OLED Screen: 1.3 "
Max. Suction Power : 160 AW Motor Voltage:
480 W
Noise: 75 dB
Std. Dust Tank Capacity: 0.5 L
Charging time: 2.5 H
Battery capacity: 80 Wh, 22.2 V / 3610 mAh lithium-polymer battery
runtime: Eco-90 minutes / standard-45 minutes / max-8 minutes

Hardware and design Power lock
: yes
Boost mode: yes
Child lock: yes
Infinitely adjustable power: yes
Battery type: Lithium-ion Design:
hand vacuum cleaner
Dust container: bagless
Functions: dry vacuuming Bagless
technology: cyclone filter
HEPA filter: yes
5-layer filtration: yes Multi-cyclone
separator: yes
Removable hand vacuum cleaner: yes
Removable and washable garbage can: yes
Removable and washable filter: yes
MagBase docking station: yes
Planetary gear for main cleaning head : yes

Weight & size
Product weight : 1.46kg
Product size : 284 * 111 *
231mm Package weight: 7.8kg Package
size: 816 * 355 * 190mm

Package Contents
1 x H7 stick vacuum cleaner
1 x Multi-Surface Brush
1 x Motorized Mini Brush
1 x Dusty brush
1 x flexible pipe
1 x crevice nozzle
1 x extension rod
1 x docking station
1 x Power Supply
1 x vacuum cleaner bag holder
2 x vacuum cleaner bag
1 x User Manual

Long-lasting performance The H7 is powered by a powerful LiPO battery and has enough energy to clean for a long time. For up to 90 minutes. No changing of the battery. No loss of suction power. Light as a feather and manoeuvrable With a lightweight battery at its heart, the vacuum body weighs only 1.46 kg (3.2 lbs). It's easy to lift and maneuver and get into tricky areas. Flexible storage of accessories The new MagBase ™ system: The magnetic Easy-Store fastenings on all accessories can be quickly attached to any magnetic surface for easy storage and take up less space on the dock. Suitable for dust bags Offers the full flexibility and mobility of a cordless stick vacuum cleaner and at the same time the full cleanliness and allergy-friendliness of a bag vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the optional Roborock dust bag, the Roborock H7 offers the best of both worlds. Multi-purpose brush Thoroughly clean, whether on carpets or hard floors. And don't waste time changing brushes. Deeper carpet cleaning The automatic carpet boost increases the suction power on carpets. Fifty watts drive a robust, high-torque planetary gear that turns the antistatic carbon fiber bristles at up to 4,000 revolutions per minute for greater cleaning power. Easier to use With the razor-sharp OLED display, you can easily read the operating mode, the battery life and the remaining time. You can use the power-on lock or child safety feature to make cleaning easier or prevent accidental use. Washable and Reusable The front and rear filters, cyclone and dust bin are washable to extend their life. Hardly disturbing noise insulation and advanced airflow control reduce annoying noises to a minimum without impairing cleaning performance.

Dust container type:
Product color:
Grey Red
Removable hand vacuum cleaner:
Accessory holder:
Cleaning type:
Vacuum air filtration:
Dirt separation method:
Number of filter layers:
5 piece (s)
Display type:
Removable filter:
Washable filter:
Energy source:
battery pack
Maximum input power:
480 W
Battery technology:
Lithium polymer (LiPo)
90 min
Loading time:
2.5 h
Suction energy:
160 AW
Quantity per pack:
1 piece (s)
111 mm
230 mm
284 mm
1.46 kg
Dust brush:
Crevice nozzle:
Number of dust bags:
2 pieces)
Number of brushes:
Operating manual:
AC power adapter:
Parking station:
Mini motorized brush:

Maximum power in watts:
Infinitely adjustable power:
Maximum dust container volume in l:
Accessories in the device:
EPA filter:
Electric brush:
Power supply:
battery pack
Weight in kg:
Handheld vacuum cleaner
Dust container:
Dry vacuuming
Bagless technology:
Cyclone filter
Battery type:
Removable hand vacuum cleaner:
Suction power in watts:

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