YHEMI MC803 USB-C Multi-functional hub Four-por 4IN1 HUB MacBook Huawei Mate Book



YHEMI MC803 USB-C Multi-functional hub Four-por 4IN1 HUB MacBook Huawei Mate Book

"Xiaomi Yuemei USB-C Multi-functional hub Four-port simultaneous reading Plug and Play"

"Expanding the potential of cell phones Cell phone connected to the U disk, read and write files, no web page can catch up on the drama Cell phone connected to the handle to access the second to become a game master"


"5Gbps speed 1G file transfer on the fly USB3.0 high-speed transfer, up to 5Gbps transfer rate

Name: IMG1311

Remaining time: about 3 seconds

Remaining items: 84 (1.13GB)"


"4-port simultaneous transmission

USB3.0 efficient transmission

The interface is no longer scarce, and the efficiency is significantly higher"

"Tablet / cell phone into a computer

Cell phone / tablet connected to the keyboard, mouse, a second to become a computer display typing operation more quickly"


"USB3.0 efficient transmission

Support hard disk / U disk / card reader / keyboard and other simultaneous use

The interface is no longer scarce, and the work efficiency is significantly higher"

"Smooth and lag-free

Tablet / cell phone into a computer

Cell phone / tablet connected to the keyboard, mouse, seconds into a computer display typing operation faster"

"Anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch

Frosted fine grain skin-friendly touch

The shell is made of ABS material, frosted fine grain processing comfortable to the touch"

"mini Lightweight

Compact and portable pocket office

All-in-one design, saving space on the desktop, whether it's for business or mobile office, put it in your computer bag / carry-on bag"


"Real material

Resistant to plugging and unplugging, anti-rocking

USB-C with thickened nickel-plated treatment, plugging and unplugging, durable SR anti-rocking, any bending does not break

10000 times Plugging resistance

5000 times Anti-swing

Upgraded connector reinforcement

4.5mm thicker cable"


"Chip Upgrade

Full ""core"" upgrade more stable

Imported original USB3.0 high-speed chip V817, stable transmission, fast connection, support hot-swappable, strong compatibility"

"Anti-interference transmission Upgrade tinned copper core

Using multiple thickened 24 + 32AWG tinned copper core plus braided mesh shield, tin foil shield layer and other multi-layer shielding, strong anti-interference, more stable transmission.

Tinned copper PP outer layer with aluminum foil shield braided mesh shield layer PVC outer layer"

"Plug and Play

No driver required Easy to use

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and other systems"


"Multiple modes

Expand the new functions of the phone

01 cell phone connected to the U disk read and write files without network can also catch up on the drama

02 cell phone connected to the handle to access the second to become a game master

PS: Support most cell phones or tablets on the market, some cell phones or tablets, may not support"


"Play while charging

Extended charging all the same

The USB port can support emergency charging of your phone to meet your current anxiety."


"Type-c interface exclusive

Suitable for Apple MacBook, Huawei Mate Book Xiaomi notebook and Huawei Mate3 P30 series, Samsung Note10, S10 and other series of cell phones"


"Compatible with more devices

Suitable for notebooks/phones with Type-c interface devices

iP: iP Notebook 12-inch, IP Notebook Pro, iP Notebook Air

Huawei: Mate BookMate Book X Mate Book XPro Mate Book E

Honor: Magic

Xiaomi: Air12.5/13-inch Pro15.6-inch Xiaomi Gaming Book

ASUS: LINGYAO 3, U306, U321 series, U4100, ROG series

Lenovo: Yoga5 Pro, ThinkPad X1 Carbon2017 Miix720

HP: Pavition2 EliteBook Folio G1

Dell: XPS13XPS15

Google: ChromeBook Pixels PixelBook Pen

Thunderbird: Blade Stailth Spirit Blade / Spirit Blade Stalker

Microsoft: Surface Book 2

Huawei Mobile: P50/50Pro/Mate40/Mate40Pro/Mate30 Mate30Pro Mate20Mate20ProMate20X P20/P20Pro Honor Note10

Samsung phones.

Note10Note9Note8 S9/S9+S8/S8+

Type-c models are continuously updated"

"Wide range of use scenarios

USB device small assistant

Keyboard Mouse U disk Card reader Mobile hard disk Printer Internet banking shield U shield Gold tax disk USB fan USB cooler USB desk lamp"


"Product parameters

Product Model: YHEMI USB-C hub

Dimension: 89.5*27.4*18.9mm

Product length: overall length of about 27.8cm

Color: white

Material: ABS

Input connector: USB-C

Output connector: USB3.0*3 "

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