YHEMI MC808 8in1 Type-C HUB



Xiaomi ecosystem brand,Newest 2022 updated version with 8 extensions.

Multi multifunction HUB,Plug and play,don't need drive.


"Charge your device when extend functionality with 100WPD protocol;

Use and charge your device in the same time."

"Transfer 1GB movie withion 5s.

Expand 1 HSB3.0 port&2 USB2.0 ports in same time.

Watch the 4K tv,HDMI port support 3840*2160 30Hz tech.

Enjoy cinema experience."

"Type-C port support follow models:

Apple MacBook Air 2020、MacBookPro 13'/16' 2020, MacBook12'、MacBookPro 2016、2017、2018、2019

MacBook Air 2018/2019、Mac Mini 2018/2020;

Huawei MateBook13/13s/14/14s/16、MateBook X/ XPro、MateBookE/E 2019、MateBook D14/D15;

Honor MagicBook Pro2019/2020、 MagicBook14/15 2020MagicBook 14 2022;

Xiaomi Air 12.5/13.3'、Pro 15.6'、Pro14/15/X15

ASUS Aura 3,Aura 3 Pro,Aura X Series,U4100UN,U5100UQ,ROG Series

Lenovo Saver Y7000,Y7000P/Y9000K,YOGA6 Pro,ThinkPad X1 Carbon,Yoga

HP Shadow Genie 4 Pro,EliteBook 1050G1,EliteBook Fdio G1

Dell G3,G5,G7 Series,LR 5000,LR 7000,XPS13,XPS15

Google PixelBook、 Chromebook M3

Razer  Miix 720、 Biade Stealth、Spirit Blade 15/17

Microsoft  Surface Laptop 3 13.5/15'

And more brand and models."

"Type-C port support follow Mobile phones

Huawei P40, P40Pro, Mate30, 30Pro, P30, P30Pro, P20, P20Pro, Mate20, 20Pro, 20X, Mate10, 10Pro, Honor V20, Note10

Samsung S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10+, S20, Note10, Note10+, Note9

0PP0 R17 Pro

Nuts LINGUO 3, LINGUO 3Pro, LINGUO X series, U4100UN, U5100UQ, ROG series *Supported devices are constantly being updated."

"Tablet PC

Apple ipad pro 11/12.9'(2018)、ipad Mini、iPad  iPad Pro11/12.9'(2020)、Mac Mini2018/2020  iMac2017/2018/2022、ipad Air(4)

Huawei  Martepad 10.8'、MatePad Pro、MatePad 11

Microsoft Surface Pro7、Surface Go/Go2、Surface Book2

*And more models support."

"Small and portable travel convenience

8in1 multi-functional expansion,small and easy to carry.

Powerful functions,1 HUB is enough with your trip.

Expand OTG function.Turn your tablet/cell phone into a PC withion seconds.

Connect your tablet/cell phone to keyboard,mouse,etc. More efficient input."


Transfer 1GB movie in 5 seconds;Extended 1 USB3.0 port and 2 USB2.0 ports at the same time;Transmission speed up to 5Gb psps: Read and write large-capacity data,please access PD power supply,to prevent data loss caused by insufficient power HDMI port Watch 4K HD TV HDMI port supports 3840 * 2160/30Hz resolution to give you theater-like Feel the VGA port connect to the laptop screen;

VGA support HD 1080P resolution 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz transformed into a speech master

SD/TF port SD/TF card reading maximum support 480Mbps high-speed transmission to solve the trouble of the notebook does not have a card reader card slot maximum support 480Mbps maximum support 256G memory card

Note: SD/TF can not be read at the same time,

High-end texture began in the quality of loyalty to the value of the shell using anodized aluminum alloy technology with wear-resistant durable,strong thermal conductivity can accelerate internal heat dissipation,so that the chip runs more safely.


Type-C connector exclusive,some models support example.


Notebooks MacBook 12-inch,MacBookPro13,16-inch MacBookPro2016,2017,2018,2019

MacBook Air2018,Air2019,Air2020

Huawei MateBook X,MateBook X Pro,MagicBook Pro2019,MagicBook 2020,MateBook E,MateBook 13

Honor MagicBook

Xiaomi Air 12.5/13.3-inch,Pro 15.6-inch,Xiaomi Gaming Book

ASUS Aura 3,Aura 3 Pro,Aura X Series,U4100UN,U5100UQ,ROG Series

Lenovo Saver Y7000,Y7000P/Y9000K,YOGA6 Pro,ThinkPad X1 Carbon,Yoga

HP Shadow Genie 4 Pro,EliteBook 1050G1,EliteBook Fdio G1

Dell G3,G5,G7 Series,LR 5000,LR 7000,XPS13,XPS15


 Product parameters

Product Name:YHEMI MC808 USB-C HUB

Brand Name: YHEMI


Power: 100W (Max)

USB specification:USB3.0 standard / USB2.0 standard USB transmission: 5Gbps transmission rate;

HDMI:4K@30Hz/2K@60Hz VGA:1080P@60Hz resolution

Card reading interface:TF card interface/SD card interface

Wire core material: tinned copper;

Wire length:about 20cm

Net weight:about 98g

Product size:15*54*125mm


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:The product heats up seriously when it is used  

A: Electronic devices emit heat when in use, the aluminum alloy shell can quickly export heat to the surface to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. The normal use temperature is 40-50 degrees, and so is the notebook.

Q:Why can't the phone or tablet be used?

A: Normal this product supports the mainstream of the market cell phones or tablets, some older cell phones or tablets may have compatibility problems, encounter this problem, please contact customer service to deal with.

Q:USB3.0 interface, can I use a wireless mouse and keyboard?

A: USB3.0 interface and wireless Bluetooth frequency is similar, may lead to instability of the Bluetooth mouse keyboard, it is recommended that the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse use the laptop comes with USB2.0 interface.

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