Dreame V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Dreame V10 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 22000Pa Portable Cordless Cyclone Filter Carpet Dust Collector Carpet Sweep

Product Name   Dreame Cordless Vacuum V10
 Type VVN3
 Rated Voltage  25.2V
 Rated Power  450W
 Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Weight 1.5KG
 Charging Time 3.5 Hours
 Dust Bin Capacity 0.5L
 Motor  Space 3.0 Turbo Brushless Digital Motor
 Running Time  60 Minutes under 'Standard Mode'
 Suction Power  140AW
Filter System

Five Filters


Stronger suction force, motor performance enhanced by 40%
Longer run-time,25% improvement under 'Strong mode
Upgraded noise Reduction Brand New material. 6 noise-Reduction dimensions

Suction Power= Efficiency
40% Upgrade beyond Previous generation
A New Generation of space 3.0 turbo Brushless digital Motor
16% Upgrade in Digital Motor

Suction power140AWWind Pressure22000Pa

Based on the third generation of Space 100,000 rpm brushless motor, a new generation of efficiency-enhancing motors is upgraded and assembled with turbo efficiency-enhancing mainboard to further optimize motor efficiency. With the improvement of precision circuit, the operating power will be increased to 450w, which will bring more potential to the 100,000-rpm motor.

Strong Suction Power for Deep Cleaning
Powerful Suction No more ground-in dirt
60-minute run-time
25%up for run-time under"Strong Mode

Smart Power Management System,

Long-lasting Suction

Monitor the battery and current in real time and adjust the power supply by working with the more efficient Space3.0 Turbo enhanced motor to achieve reasonable ratio power. As a result, the machine can work effectively for 60 minutes and improve the run-time under Strong Mode by another 25%

Smartcool Air Cooling System

Keep motor in good energy and efficiency

The finely designed exhaust passage can drive strong air-flow through the motor and battery unit to realize efficientreal-time cooling, so as to ensure a more ideal working condition for the motor and battery unit

Damp the whole chain from venting to brush head

Powerful Floor Brush, Sweep and Suction Two-in-one

Remove stubborn dirt\human and pet hairsfrom the floor surface

Dual-motor design can power the main machine and floor brush separately. The turbine brush with large diameter features high torque that can easily dislodge stubborn dirt from the floors and Significantly Improve cleaning efficiency

Fine System with 5 Filters to Prevent Second-time Pollution

Retain microscopic dust with a diameter of lessthan 0. 3um, reaching up to 99. 9% of purification efficiency

Multi-cone Cyclone Separation

long-lasting suction

Our multi-cone cyclone filtration system can generate a cyclone force while vacuuming to fling dust out of the air, so the air channels can be kept unblocked and there will be long-lasting force.

Charge and Storage, Two-in-one

All-in-one Design, Convenient and Practical

The machine features a built-in charging dock to make the best use of space. Vacuum at any time, charge at any time.

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