Electric Bike HIMO Z16 Grey

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Parameters for electric vehicles
Center distance of the front and rear wheels: 970 nm
Weight: 22.5 kg
Maximum design speed: ≤ 25 km / h
Electric cruise: ≤80 km / h
Help out with power cruising: ≤55 km
Power consumption per 100 kilometers: 0.65 kW / h
Load: ≤ 100 kg

Battery parameters:
Battery type: lithium-ion battery
Capacity: 10Ah
Voltage: 36V

Motor parameters
Motor type: DC motor
Power: 250W
Rated speed: 326 rpm
Nominal voltage: 36V

Controller parameters:
Undervoltage protection: 31 ± 2V
Overcurrent protection: 14 ± 2A

Folding design:

The collapsed volume is exquisite and compact, making it easy to put in the trunk, go in and out of the elevator, take to the office, and enter and exit various scenes in life.
IPX7 waterproof HD LCD instrument:
The smart display clearly shows the remaining power. Real-time mileage, speed and fault error information that is easy to master every step of driving.

Replacement battery:

With automotive grade 18650 lithium battery, high-speed, high-power power supply ensures lasting and powerful energy output, and the electric power can be up to 80 km.

At the same time, it is equipped with an anti-theft device for batteries, which solves the problem of battery loss.

CST tires:
Equipped with highly wear-resistant and grippy tires, it can improve handling on wet and slippery roads on rainy days and ensure smooth driving and safe braking.

Z16 parameters
  • Product size 1400 x 550 x 1050 mm
  • Package size 825 x 440 x 645 mm
  • Seam size 650 * 860 * 230 mm
  • Wheelbase 970mm

  • Product weight 22.5 kg
  • Package weight 27.5 kg
  • Maximum load 100 kg
  • Top speed 25 km / h
  • Inclination < 15 °
  • Max rank (mopped mode) ≤ 80 km
  • Max rank (purely electric mode) ≤ 55 km

  • Lithium 18650 battery cells
  • Battery capacity 10 AH
  • Battery rated power 250W
  • Nominal speed 326 rpm
  • Nominal voltage 36V
  • Output power 1.5A
  • Undervoltage protection 36V + 2V
  • Undervoltage protection 14 + 2A
  • Charging time 4-6H

Package content
  • 1 x Z16 e-bike
  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x wrench
  • 1 x foot pedal
  • 1 x English user manual

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