HUTT DDC55 Smart Auto Window Cleaning Robot White

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:HUTT DDC55 Smart Auto Window Cleaning Robot Household High Performance Intelligent Cleaning Variable Frequency White

HUTT frequency conversion for window cleaning robots

Can be used wet or dry without slipping

Can be used dry or wet without slipping

Automatic intelligent planning.

8 innovative developments

  • high quality. safer. More silence.
  • Improved quality and carefully selected components.
  • Variable frequency suction power, innovative algorithm.
  • Real deep cleansing technology.
  • AI intelligent detection barriers.
  • Careful design to reduce noise.
  • Intelligent path planning.
  • It won't fall when the power is off.
  • High density fiber nano cleaning cloth.


World famous brand components

  • ARM architecture.
  • Intelligent hardware CPU with CORTEX M3 core,
  • STMicroelectronics.
  • Japanese NIDEC fan.
  • American FREESCALE MEMS pressure sensor.
  • Imported 6-axis gyroscope chip.
  • China 650mAh super capacity polymer lithium ion battery.


Japan brushless motor.

Reduce noise.

Using a Japanese NIDEC brushless motor. Streamlined fan vortex air duct.

High static pressure. Little noise. Long life. Still good suction.


HUTT frequency conversion suction innovation

Identify different levels of pollution. Adjust suction power automatically.

Refuse to slide. Doesn't damage the glass.

  • 2600PA rain stains
  • 2800PA sand
  • 3000PA mud point
  • 3200PA insect birds
  • 3400PA wall gray


AI intelligent detection limit

Recognize different degrees of soiling, adjust the suction power automatically and do not slip.

Doesn't damage the glass.


6-fold protection mode, fall-proof

Dynamic adjustment of the frequency extraction.

The machine automatically adjusts the cleaning of the suction frequency conversion window accordingly

the dry air humidity and different frictional forces on the glass surface.

Can withstand 7 kg of gravity.

Simultaneously with the edge detection sensor to detect the automatic position.

Prevent falls. In the event of an accidental power failure, the built-in battery can automatically start for 20 minutes.

At the same time, the fuselage is equipped with an 8 m long climbing harness.

which can withstand a force of 180 kg in the event of a fall.

Several security measures are linked.

Can be used safely on high-rise glass.


Ultra-thin body, more flexible

Less than 9 cm. The inside and outside glass of the security window can be wiped clean.


Help clean up multiple locations

Suitable for more materials to be cleaned, can be wiped without a frame

Glass / tiles / mirror / wooden door / stainless steel / marble


Dual boot mode

No need to find a remote control

The host starts with one click.

Remote control with one click


Model: HUTT DDC55

  • Color white
  • Length: 290 mm
  • Width: 135 mm
  • Height: 85 mm
  • Safety rope length : 5m
  • Charging time: 2.2H
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • Noise: about 65dB
  • Wiping speed: 3 minutes per square meter
  • Rated power: 120W
  • Nominal voltage: 24V


Steps to use

  1. Connect the power supply. 2. Tighten the safety rope. 3. Wring out the cloth. 4. Wipe the cloth on the machine. 5. Press the power button to turn on the power

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