WalkingPad R2 2 in 1 Smart Folding Running Machine

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The design of the WALKINGPAD R2 is unique in the sense that it is not only foldable but also becomes a very thin suitcase that the user can put in any gap and take up a really narrow and small space, e.g. a closet and a wall.

90% space saving
WALKINGPAD R2 is only 15 cm thin and can be stored upright, which takes up less than 0.2 m² on the floor. You can place the treadmill in any corner of your home by moving the roller at the bottom

New features
New handrail design
More stable and no more static electricity during exercise

New clip design
Easier and smoother when the user adjusts the height of the handrail

New walking pedal
By using the metal and rubber design, the new pedal offers more slip resistance

New rotary knob design
Larger knob makes it easier to tighten the handrail, making the handrail more stable during exercise

New Shell
Making Apply a new look design and ABS spray crafting

Multiple Layers
The treadmill platform is a commonly used position, so we use high density fibreboard to ensure its excellent quality; EVA cushioning layer with a pleasant texture; smooth layer with low coefficient of friction, wear-resistant and non-slip running belt.
Treadmill wear-resistant and non-slip
EVA soft layer cushioning effect
Smooth layer, low coefficient of friction,
high-density fiberboard, robust and durable

Exercise for full members
Every family member could enjoy with just one device and create a training plan. Because the WALKINGPAD R2 adjusts different speeds from 0.5 to 10 km / h.

Remote control
WALKINGPAD R2 changes the mode, accelerates / slows down and starts / stops during the training via the remote control. With a small click of the button, you can easily change the options for safer and more enjoyable workouts.

Cruise Control Technology Kingsmith's patent frees your hands. The pressure sensors embedded in the treadmill base, which monitor the user's step position in real time and react quickly to the user's intentions, instantly adjust the speed of the WALKINGPAD R2. Free your hands in the real sense

Automatic mode
The speed is controlled automatically by an intelligent algorithm. It follows the walking speed from a range of 0.5 to 6 km / h maximum. When R2 is operated in A mode, the user does not need to use the remote control. When training in the front area, it starts automatically and accelerates; in the middle it keeps the speed constant; in the rear area it slows down and then stops automatically

Manual mode
In M mode, it should first be unlocked from beginner mode, then the device can be switched to M mode via remote control, LED touch panel or KS fit APP. The maximum speed reaches up to 10KM / H. By being used more frequently in walking and running, it satisfies the user for both easy walking and running exercises

Brushless Motor
R2 equips a brand new brushless motor. The brushless motor is better able to suppress the noise during exercise and improve the maximum load on the treadmill. And through long-term operational tests, the duration and stability have been improved

Technical specification
Speed: 0.5 - 10 KM / H
Motor: 1.25 HP brushless DC motor
Suspension: Damping system
Running surface: 1200 mm * 440 mm (L x W)
Belt width: 440 mm
Max. User weight: 110 kg
Occupancy size : 1452 x 720 x 1032 mm
Folded size: 1000 x 720 x 162 mm
packing size: 1070 x 770 x 210 mm
GW 40.5 kg
NW36 kG
Color: Gray Color
Gray color: LED touchable console panel
frame: body made of cast aluminum alloy
engine specification: PWM (pulse width modulation system) with the
Current Limit Power Supply: Professional Heavy Duty Brushless DC
Safety function: overload and short circuit protection
Connection type: remote control, APP, LED touch panel

Assembly required:
WalkingPad x 1
Power cable 1 x
remote x 1
strap x 1
wrench x 1
silicone oil X 1

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