Xiaomi Mijia HUTT W66 Home Electric Window Washer Robot White

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Xiaomi Mijia HUTT W66 Home Electric Window Washer Robot Planned Smart High-rise Vacuum Cleaner Fast Safe White


HUTT W66 Smart Washing Window Cleaning Robot Main Features

  • One click start, intelligent route planning
  • Exclusive water spray design, the rag always maintains moisture.
  • 150ML intelligent control water tank that can wipe 70-80 square meters of glass.
  • Anticipate in advance and avoid obstacles.
  • Smart escape, all-wheel drive upgrade to laser detection sensor.
  • 2600PA high suction power, intelligent detection of glass, fast adsorption. Automatically increase the cleaning pressure
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Protection against UPS power failure. Even if the device is turned off, it can work for 20 minutes.


HUTT W66 Smart washing window cleaning robot

  •  Window cleaning machine with water tank frequency conversion wet cleaning
  •  150 ml spray water with micro control | 2600PA large suction
  •  Laser sensor 2.0
  •  Lightweight and portable design.
  •  Voice reminder


Intelligent route planning

  1. Intelligent route planning
  2. Automatic frequency conversion for pressure setting
  3. Lightweight design


HUTTHINK Smart Algorithm

Large numbers of tiny sand and stone are attached to the surface of dirty glass. If the suction is too great, wiping the glass will scratch the glass. The frequency conversion algorithm can automatically identify the surface dirt and gently wipe the glass to protect the glass and clean the glass more relieved.


Wipe while spraying water without leaving a trace

The robot has a built-in water tank and an intelligent water spray. If there is no water in the water tank, you will be reminded of this.


Large capacity 150 ml Smart Water Tank

It can wipe 70-80 square meters after filling the water tank and splash water every 10 seconds to ensure even coverage.

Can add glass water and other non-corrosive detergents.


Add 8 sets of spray points

Spray the water evenly, the cloth always maintains the moisture.


One-click start, intelligent route planning

Plan the route before you start and cover the entire route with high efficiency without missing any part.

Back to the original position after it is finished, easy access to tall glass.


Anticipate in advance and avoid obstacles.

Slow down near the edge of the window in advance, wiping repeatedly, walking backwards and forwards at the corner, making sure the full coverage is clean with no parts missing.


Smart sensor, all-wheel drive upgrade to laser detection sensor.

The HUTT W66 robot uses a laser sensor that can evaluate various glass adhesive materials, common window edge materials and rimless glass in order to accurately identify the glass edge and avoid hazards.


 Product contains

  1. ARM architecture CORTEX-M3-CPU
  2. Lithium polymer battery
  3. REQUIREMENT Pressure sensor
  4. Gyro chip
  5. High quality brushless DC motor.
  6. Water level detection sensor
  7. Microfiber cloths

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