Yeedi mop Station, 2 in 1 Robot Mop and Vacuum Cleaner

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Yeedi mop Station, 2 in 1 Robot Mop and Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Cleaning Station, Double Rotation Pressure Mop Pad, 2500Pa, Visual Mapping, Carpet Detection, 180 Minutes


Mark Yeedi
Color White
Surface recommendation Carpet, Same
Controller type Voice command
Are batteries included? Yes
Item weight 11.9 Kilograms
Control method Voice
Filter type Cartridge

About this article

  • The first self-cleaning robot in Europe: no more hand washing mops. The yeedi mop station comes with a self-cleaning station that automatically brushes, rinses and dries the mop pads. They therefore remain clean and moist during cleaning, and are dried after cleaning is complete.
  • Two spacious water tanks: the yeedi mop station has 2 water tanks for storing clean water and waste water separately. Clean water is sprayed to wash the mops and dirty water is pumped into the waste water tank. Each of the two reservoirs has a capacity of 3500 ml, which allows the robot to cover a larger area with less water replenishment.
  • The cleanliness of a manual washing: the yeedi mop station has no equal for washing floors. The 2 rotating mop pads are pressed firmly against the floor by exerting a downward pressure of 10N, to rub stubborn stains. The carpet detection sensor locates the carpet and moves the robot away from it when washing.
  • Total control at your fingertips: the yeedi mop station incorporates Visual SLAM technology: it learns the layout of your home and plans a specific cleaning route to wash your entire floor. You can touch the room on the editable plan of the house with your fingertips to clean it, or designate an area to clean or avoid.
  • Unbeatable suction power: the yeedi mop station is versatile. It sucks and sweeps at the same time. Its industry-leading 2500 Pa suction power, combined with a tangle-free silicone brush, easily removes hair, dirt and trash from hard floors and other carpets.
  • More autonomy and cleanliness: the integrated 5200 mAh battery guarantees an autonomy of 180 minutes. When the battery is low, the yeedi mop station returns to the charging station and once the battery is recharged, cleaning resumes.
  • App & voice control: control operations without touching any machine button. Set a virtual limit, plan your cleaning and designate a room or area to clean with the Yeedi app. The yeedi mop station integrates the voice assistants Alexa from Amazon and Alice from Yandex, not to mention Google Home. You can therefore perfectly activate cleaning with your voice.
  • The box contains: Robot * 1, Self-cleaning station * 1, Main brush * 1, Side brush * 1, Water tank * 1, Clean water tank * 1, Waste water tank * 1, Cleaning cloth * 4, Cleaning tool * 1, Boundary tape * 1, HEPA filter * 2, Power cord *

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