ROIDMI EVE Plus vacuum cleaner robot

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ROIDMI EVE Plus vacuum cleaner robot and mop cleaner with clean base , Color: White

Intelligent dust collection and cleaning station, release your hands
and say goodbye to ash:

ROIDMI EVE Plus is not only a charging station, but also an intelligent garbage can. After cleaning, the dust box is automatically emptied and the dust is automatically packed when the dust is full. It also has the original ozone antibacterial and deodorant technology and can now get rid of dirty hands and smelly trash.

One month of peace of mind
Open the era of true wisdom and cleanliness:

With ROIDMI EVE Plus robotic vacuum cleaner and mop cleaner with a clean base, you can be sure of being on business. Even if you are on the road for a month, EVE Plus can clean your home every day.

  • Sweep the breakpoint further
  • 3 l dust bag
  • Smart touch screen
  • Dust complete memory

4th generation LDS
Super-Sensing Lidar
Accurate scanning and assignment:

The highly sensitive 4th generation LDS lidar from ROIDMI can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw cards with the SLAM algorithm, with 40% more accuracy than the previous generation.

Intelligent room partition
reminder of every scene:

the map partition can be saved automatically thanks to the automatic detection of artificial intelligence. You can also merge, format, and name the partitions to achieve cleaning in a preset order or scheduled cleaning of the specified space.

Not finished this time. Automatically next time
The owner doesn't have to worry about the entire cleaning process:

low power is automatically returned to the cleaning station for charging. When the power is full, cleaning will resume immediately to avoid missing or repeated cleaning.

30 sensors full coverage
Take full advantage of the

the owner does not have to worry about the entire cleaning process, the weak battery automatically returns to the dust collection station for charging and cleaning continues immediately when the battery is full, for missing or repeated scans to avoid.

Automatically assess the height
Will not get stuck under the bed:

Use the HLT pressure sensor to assess the height of the bed and closet.

2cm climbing
over the ridge
Do not fear the
threshold of the house:

Precise identification of
common obstacles will take
the initiative to avoid
trouble cause

flagship Hurricane suction
Vacuum the dust deep in the gap off:

The powerful digital brushless motor and track splitting technology ROIDMI EVE Plus offers a suction force of 2700 Pa, with which soil dust, peel and hair can be easily cleaned.

Connect to the ROIDMI / MIJIA app
Remote control easy cleaning:

It can be cleaned easily when you are not at home. Just open the Roidmi / Mijia app and control it remotely with the push of a button. Switching mode, real-time checking and search status, full control anytime, anywhere.


Voice Control Free your hands and simplify: it supports Xiaoai student voice control, cleans things in one sentence, and can be linked with other smart devices. ROIDMI EVE Plus starts with voices when working and leaving the house and is automatically charged after cleaning.


  • Cleaning mode: sweeping & vacuuming & mopping
  • Navigation mode: LDS SLAM
  • Automatic partition: Yes
  • Virtual wall: Virtual APP wall
  • Maximum suction power: 2700Pa
  • Recommended area: 250m2
  • Obstacle height: ≤20mm
  • Lithium battery: 5200mAh
  • Power: 50 W + 850 W (robot + station)
  • Product size: 350 × 350 × 98mm (robot)
  • 358 × 350 × 175 mm (station)
  • Product weight: 3.6kg + 2.7kg
  • Dust capacity: 300 ml + 3 l
  • Dust box type: 2-in-1 box + dust collection


  • 1x main unit
  • 1x dust collector
  • 1x power cord
  • 1x wiper module
  • 1x disposable mop
  • 1x dust bag
  • 1x filter

Maximum power in watts:
Maximum dust container volume in l:
Power supply:
battery pack
Weight in kg:
Robot vacuum cleaner
Multifunctional vacuum cleaner:
Dry / wiping vacuum cleaner
Navigation system:
Automatic restart after loading:
Remote control:
Vacuum function for robots:
Smart Connectivity:
voice control

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