Trottinette électrique Kugoo KuKirin M5 Pro | 960WH Power | 52KM/H Max Speed

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Trottinette électrique Kugoo KuKirin M5 Pro , Moteur Puissant | 960WH Power | 52KM/H Max Speed, Double Freins à Disque, écran LCD, Trotinette Electrique Adulte

 - 48V 20Ah Battery

 - 1200W Powerful motor

 - 60-70 km per charge

 - 52 kph Max. Speed

 - Front 11'' & Rear 10'' tubeless tires
Top speed:     52km/h
Top Speed in each mode:     29km/h 42km/h 52km/h
Range:       60-70km
Battery:     48V 20Ah
Motor Rated Power:     1200W
Hill Climbing:     15°
Brake System:     Dual Disc Brake
Tires:     Front 11'' & Rear 10'' Tubeless tire
SizeUnfold 1187*620*1315 mm

Fold:       1187*620*560 mm
Pedal Width:     25.5cm
Chassis Height:     14cm
Weight:     36.2kg
Max load:     120 kg/265 lbs
Charging Time:     8-10h
IP Rating:     IP54

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