Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad R1 Pro

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Original Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad R1 Pro Electric Running Machine Foldable Walking Machine Electric Fitness Equipment


Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad R1 Pro General
Brand: WalkingPad
Model: R1 Pro
Type: Walking Machine

Nominal voltage: 220 V
Nominal power: 918 W.

Sport mode: Two modes (running mode, walking mode)
Sport: remote control,
Foot sensation control Minimum speed: 0.5 km / h
Speed range: 0.5-10 km / h
Maximum storage weight: 110 kg
Continuous performance: 1.2
HP Peak power: 2 HP

Weight & dimensions

Product weight: 33kg
Package weight: 38kg
Treadmill width: 42-44cm
Treadmill area: 120x44cm
Unfolded size: 1500x720x900mm
Folded size: 980x720x155mm
Flat size: 1460x720x135mm
package contents

1 x WalkingPad running machine
1 x power cord
1 x remote control
1 x hanging rope
1 x user manual

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