KUGOO G-BOOSTER Electric Scooter | 1104WH Power | 55KM/H Max Speed

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Featuring two 800W motors the G-booster reaches speeds up to 55 kph. Not to mention the high payload of 330 lbs and increased torque a dual-motor system can deliver. With G-booster riding on hills and inclines is easy. Equipped with a whopping 23Ah of battery capacity the G-booster has a max range of 80 km with a single charge. Coupled with the powerful motors getting around with G-Booster is a blast!

 48V 23Ah Battery
 2*800W Powerful motor
 80 km per charge
 55 kph Max. Speed
 10'' Pneumatic wheels
 Detachable seat

Top speed 55km/h
Top Speed in each mode 18km/h
Range 80km
Battery 48V 23Ah
Motor Rated Power 800W*2
Hill Climbing 30%
Brake System Rear Foot Brake
Tires 10'' Pneumatic wheels
Size Unfold 120*26*118cm
Fold 120*26*52cm
Pedal Width 26cm
Chassis Height 17cm
Weight 30kg
Max load 150kg
Charging Time 10h
IP Rating IP55

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