Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus SM-R175 White Ecouteurs sans fil

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Active Noise Cancellation
Bixby voice wake-up
N/A Support (Bixby) Support (Bixby) N/A
2-way dynamic - Woofer+Tweeter 2way 11mm Woofer+6.5mm Tweeter 1-way, 12mm driver 1-Way Dynamic
3 Mics (2 Outer+1 Inner) 3 Mics (2 Outer+1 Inner) 3 Mics (2 Outer+1 Inner) 2 Mics (1 Inner + 1 Outer)
Play Time
11H Earbud / 22H with Case 8H Bud/28H w/Case (ANC OFF) 8H Bud/29H w/Case (ANC OFF) 6H Earbud / 13H with Case
Talk Time
7.5H Earbud / 15H with Case 5H Buds/17.5H w/Case (ANC OFF) 5.5H Buds/19H w/Case (ANC OFF) 5H Earbud / 11H with Case

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