YHEMI MU701 USB 100 megabit network card USB-A RJ45/10/100Mbps

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YHEMI MU701 USB 100 megabit network card USB-A RJ45/10/100Mbps 

"Network port extension

More stable wired connection

USB 100 megabit network card, stable and uninterrupted network

YHEMI design good life"

"Four core advantages

Continuous network streaming

Stable and uninterrupted streaming with 100 megabit network port, Windows/Mac OS intelligent and drive-free

Small and portable, convenient and practical

Support campus network"

"Extended 100 Gigabit network port

No Internet connection, no lag

Laptop with 100 Gigabit network,

Faster web/file browsing

More efficient in the office"

"Powerful chip

Stable network/low latency

High-performance chip provides stable 100 megabit network transmission, no latency and faster"

"Plug and Play No driver installation

Compatible with Windows Mac OS and other systems

Plug and Play"

"Support campus network Enjoy campus time

Support campus network connection

Smooth gaming/Watching TV series"

"Xiaomi TV box connected to the network cable, watching movies smoothly and unhindered

Suitable for Xiaomi TV Box 3/3/3 Enhanced Edition/4/4C,Blu-ray movies,

Fast loading and smoother movie viewing"

"Universal computer with USB interface

Support notebooks, desktops, all-in-one computers and other computer devices with USB ports

Including not limited to MacBook, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Asus, Dell and other laptops"

"Working light Working status is clear at a glance

LED lights are added to the network port to keep track of the working status

Green light is always on and yellow light is flashing when working"

"Desktop computers can also be used

The host network card is damaged, you can also extend the network card through the USB interface to access the Internet"

"Small and convenient travel worry-free

Small, delicate, easy to put in the pocket travel"



Name: USB 100 megabit network card

Model: MU701

Function: computer expansion network interface

Material: ABS

Interface type: RJ45/10/100Mbps

connector: USB-A

Size: 58 * 23.94 * 16mm"

"Packing List

Box, 100 megabit network card, manual, warranty card"


Q: How to use the campus network?

A: Campus network users can contact the network administrator for assistance,

Because of the conflict between the NIC driver and the campus network client, please uninstall the campus network client (such as Ruijie, Flash) before use, then install our NIC driver, and then reinstall the campus network client,

After installation, enter your account and password,

After installation, enter your account number, password and network card options, select our network card, and you will be able to access the Internet successfully."

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